• Logistics
In logistics environments, purchasing, storage and distribution are interrelated. Optimizing each step in the supply chain up to the point of delivery leads to improved performance. Fast, wireless data transmission, on-board scanning, reliable performance and real-time communication with the enterprise database are necessary to ensure accuracy and time management.
Identification Technologies
In logistics processes, barcodes are proven information providers, inventory managers and supply locators. Apply barcodes to identify packages and automate the logistics process. Apply 2D barcodes when you need to include a lot of information in a small amount of space.
OKAYPOS scanning solutions capture and transfer data in real-time at any location. OKAYPOS scanners and mobile computers accurately identify logistics activities and automatically upload these activities to the central database. This method of quickly and accurately identifying goods contributes to transparency and optimized productivity.
Durable Equipment
Logistics occur in harsh environments. Products designed for these environments have durable casings that are able to withstand normal wear and tear, as well as weather condition changes when moving from indoor to outdoor environments.
Quick Responses in the Logistics Process Lead to Successful Performance
Keeping accurate inventory can be challenging in warehouses where goods are continuously moving. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), typically equipped with network communication features to make real-time data available in every chain of the process, track and trace materials in the warehouse. The WMS clearly tracks incoming and outgoing goods and keep the information systems accurate and up-to-date.

Ruggedized mobile devices can keep up with the speed of continuous incoming and outgoing goods and pinpoint their exact location, improving accuracy and speed. And, the WMS can be uploaded to the devices enabling a real-time connection to the back office.
Electronic Ordering
Trade enterprises strive to improve and speed up ordering systems for their customers. Many customers order products on a regular basis, and online ordering keeps these customers from running out of stock. OKAYPOS’s unique range of companion scanners are the ideal solution for electronic ordering. Employees can carry mobile devices around the entire warehouse and use barcode scanning solutions to easily scan products for customer orders.

Voice-Enabled Order Picking
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the warehouse enables users to pick orders efficiently. Together with Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), or Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) design, VoIP is a valuable addition to your data collection process. The training for speech recognition is a one-time investment with a rapid payback in a labor-intensive working environment. Reduced order picking time and improved accuracy increases profits by reducing operation costs.
Track & Trace
OKAYPOS Provides Solutions That Support All Logistics Management Systems, from the Warehouse to Point of Delivery.
Shipments pass through different handlers and distribution channels on their way to their final destinations. Recording the past and current locations of a shipment is a key part of logistics.
Tracking and tracing products occurs along the entire supply chain. Track & Trace is the commonly used term for determining the current and past locations of items via standardized reference numbers or dedicated barcodes. Many handlers and distribution networks are involved with these logistics movements. With real-time locating solutions, the response time between the movement of the goods and the availability of up-to-date information is reduced to a minimum, improving the reliability and accuracy of routing data.
Scheduling can be structured with more precision due to better visibility of drop-off points during routing. With mobile communication technologies, one can coordinate the process from a central location and maintain the ability to send instructions to nearby freight carriers in the field. Tracking and tracing also provides detailed information about cross-border shipments.

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