Cash Drawers

  • 350mm Eletcronic Cash Drawer
350mm Eletcronic Cash Drawer

350mm Eletcronic Cash Drawer

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* 350(W) x 405(D) x 90(H) mm (excluding rubber feet)
* 13.8(W)x 15.9(D) x 3.5(H) inch (excluding rubber feet)
* Frame: Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SECC
* Durable mute ball bearing roller
* Removable coin tray, Cash Tray is not removable
* Adjustable money clip (wire grips) & dividers
* One or two media slots
* 4B/8C as standard
* Customize is available
* Hardboard carton & PE inner bag & EPE protection
* Carton size: 455(W) x 405(D) x 150(H) mm
* 17.90(W) x 15.90(D) x5.90(H) inch
* Net Weight:  4.60kgs/10.1Lbs
* Gross weight: 5.3Kgs/11.7Lbs
* Solenoid unit with 12V/24V
* 3-position key lock: locked, manual open and electrically online
* Different or unified code key lock
* Color: black, beige and custom type
* Double side key for small size, such as 300 or 350 size
* Lockable lid
* Micro-switch sensor
* Stainless steel drawer front
* USB or Serial interface
* Emergent button in case of power off

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