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In the healthcare sector, barcodes are a key part of the total information system. Barcodes help identify patients, medication and materials, which reduces errors and improves accuracy and efficiency. Recently, display solutions have also supported these vital healthcare processes.

Healthcare organizations are constantly striving to provide high-quality patient care despite workforce shortages, limited budgets, tight federal regulations and the constant threat of litigation. OKAYPOS provides simple solutions that help automate administrative tasks that require data entry, which helps employees maximize productivity and maintain high-quality patient care.
Telecommunication and IT are rapidly converging in the healthcare sector. Time registration, digital photos and the Electronic Health Record (EHR) are all areas of development. An important issue concerning the EHR is patient privacy and medical records accuracy. OKAYPOS products are commonly used in the healthcare environment to create optimized solutions for hospitals, blood banks, pharmacies, residential care facilities and home care organizations.
Hospitals and other long-term care facilities need fully integrated systems to provide their patients with the care and service they need. From patient registration to administering the right treatment, any mistakes or inaccuracies can have significant negative consequences for both patients and care professionals.

Optimize Time Management
To provide good patient care, a large percentage of the healthcare budget is spent on labor. But, healthcare professionals frequently need to perform time-consuming administrative tasks, which reduces the amount of time available for patient care. Maximizing the efficiency of administrative tasks increases the amount of time that can be spent providing quality patient care.
OKAYPOS offers a range of products to help healthcare professionals gather, manage and secure data. OKAYPOS’s barcode scanners and room signage solutions reduce errors and improve efficiency in the hospital environment:

1. Patient registration: Healthcare professionals can use barcode scanners to easily and accurately read barcodes on patient badges and wristbands. These barcodes contain all the necessary patient treatment information for the medical staff.

2. Patient records: Barcodes included with medical records contain information to help the medical staff verify that the medical record belongs to the correct patient. Accurately managing patient information prevents patient mix-ups and tracks patient check-in and check-out. In addition to barcode information, room signage lets you access patient information at the right location.
3. Medication: Barcodes are also included on medication. The medical professional can scan the medication and the patient wristband to immediately update the patient's medical record.
Home-based Care
Home-based care organizations face extremely complex workforce situations. Mobile employees work outside the office, which makes it a challenging environment to provide them with the necessary information, equipment and medication. Process
Barcode scanning is a crucial part of the automation process for providing community care. Easy-to-use, reliable mobile data collectors can create complete patient reports for fast and easy upload to the host system. This process saves time and provides an "audit trail" for home-based care. Solutions
OKAYPOS offers a full line of portable data collectors. These innovative products range from single-button devices to devices with a numeric keypad and Bluetooth wireless communication. These small, lightweight, ergonomic devices are designed to be portable, so you can take them anywhere. The scanner reads and saves the information and works with the current electronic health systems to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. OKAYPOS creates complete registration solutions and wireless communication networks (if necessary). The OKAYPOS OPN series is the smallest companion barcode scanner on the market. This mini-scanner weighs only 28 grams (1 ounce), including the rechargeable battery and comes with a real-time clock, which makes it ideal for identifying activities that need a date and time stamp.
Pharmacies are responsible for correctly distributing medication; therefore, medication administration is a crucial task. To make sure the right patient receives the right medication, pharmacies use barcodes.
All The pharmacy checks all medication three times before giving it to a customer. When the medication is taken from stock, a label with a barcode is placed on both the recipe and the medication packaging to ensure the dosage is correct. Then, the barcodes are scanned to make sure that the correct medication is issued to the right customer. Finally, both the prescription and the drug are scanned again to make sure the right customer physically receives the correct medication. Accurate and Secure
Pharmacies are now responsible for providing treatment innovations such as drug compounding and custom combinations. Accurately tracking these processes is crucial; there is no room for error. The right medication needs to be delivered to the right person, at the right time. OKAYPOS products offer accurate, fast and secure data collection to ensure that the correct data is available at any time during the process.

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