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Mobile Ticketing
Digital ticket scanning is a commonly used authentication method to gain entrance to facilities and events. Scanning the barcode confirms the receipt of payment or the validity of subscription. Mobile ticketing lets people use digital tickets on mobile phones. These tickets can be scanned by advanced 2D imagers. Mobile ticketing reduces costs, increases efficiency and provides insight into stored data, which in turn provides traceable input for visitor management reports.
Parking machines are often equipped with a barcode scanner for reading tickets. The quick and efficient scan guarantees fast identification. Even slightly damaged barcodes on parking tickets are easily read. The compact size and multiple interfaces make OKAYPOS scanners easy to implement in ticket reading devices. The scanner reads the barcode, confirms the payment and validates the ticket.
Access Control
Access control and visitor registration can be combined using ticket reading. Tickets for trade shows, concerts and other events are usually ordered online, and a 1D or 2D barcode is included with the printed confirmation. These barcodes are read with a barcode scanner, which controls the ticket’s validity. For business events in a public facility, visitor data can be used to monitor the audience. Barcode reading capabilities and real-time Bluetooth communication are ideal technologies for access control and visitor registration. Integrated Bluetooth provides real-time connectivity to nearby stations that are linked to central server data. OKAYPOS companion scanners equipped with Bluetooth collect and update data and monitor visitor behavior for market research. Visitor data can then be made available to the business staff. OKAYPOS devices provide a real-time connection, increased efficiency, reduced labor expense and traceable input for visitor management reporting.

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