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OKAYPOS offers solutions for a wide range of markets.
Facility & Security
Facility security and maintenance officers help prevent accidents and maintain business continuity. OKAYPOS mobile devices act as mobile facility planners. Officers can refer to workplace checklists and add photos to provide context or verify completed work. Officers can also use our mobile devices as a communication tools that enable direct response and conversations with external parties.

– Interior or exterior environment reporting
– Asset tracking
– Inventory management
– Item check-out and check-in tracking
– Vulnerability tracing
– Theft and loss reporting
Factory Automation
To ensure optimized assembly line processes and track production progress, use OKAYPOS’s durable and reliable scanners that feature extremely fast scan rates, a wide field of view and aggressive decoding technology. Scanning devices transmit known data to a central database, creating an efficient information and control solution to accurately handle goods and improve visibility into the manufacturing process. OKAYPOS products have a durable, ruggedized housing and are available in different models to meet a variety of applications and challenging physical and environmental conditions.

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