Polyurethane Foaming Machine

This equipment is used to produce embossed aluminum foil on the upper and lower layers, and special equipment for flame retardant polyurethane and polyisocyanurate sandwich panels.
The equipment adopts continuous production, the upper and lower layers of material are continuously unwinding and transported, and the rigid foam plastic liquid is conveyed to the mixing head by a metering pump of a casting machine, and is uniformly poured on the bottom surface of the sandwich panel after mixing, and It is fed into the laminating conveyor together with the upper layer material, foamed and solidified between the upper and lower chain plates of the laminating conveyor, and then formed into a composite sandwich panel by heating and foaming, and then cut into a certain product by synchronous cutting, mainly for the central Air conditioning duct.
This equipment can also produce other soft surface sandwich insulation boards such as non-woven fabrics and paper.

The equipment mainly includes polyurethane (PU) foaming material supply system, upper and lower layer conveying system, double track laminating machine system, post conveying and cutting system, etc. The main features of this equipment are surface layer material and PU foaming material. The material such as side tape can be continuously conveyed, and the 24-meter long double-track laminating foaming mold can be cyclically rolled to realize continuous production, and synchronous cutting can produce irregular length products.
The equipment is equipped with polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine, the metering is accurate and durable; the unwinding mechanism with magnetic powder tensioning can make the surface layer material evenly spread into the foaming mold to ensure the smooth and smooth surface of the product; the side block and the side tape circulation mechanism ensure the hair The side of the foam product is sealed and smoothly released from the mold. The double-track laminating machine system with pressure proof design can realize continuous automatic production, and can also confine the foaming materials to the mold to ensure the dimensional stability of the product; the post-transporting and cutting system realizes synchronous cutting, which can be produced indefinitely. Long products.
The pultrusion of the aluminum profile chain plate makes the surface of each chain plate uniform and the laminating machine is durable. The design of the steel main guide rail, deep groove spherical bearing and bearing outer ring insert with wear-resistant gasket enables the upper and lower chain plates to withstand the pressure above 0.6-1Mpa, ensuring that the mold will not be formed during high-pressure foam molding. Deformation.

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