PU/PF Low/High Pressure Foaming Machine

PU foaming material is polycarbamate.

Polyurethanes: the abbreviation of polyurethane material, the English name is polyurethane, it is a kind of polymer material. Polyurethane is a new kind of organic polymer material, which is known as the "fifth big plastic". It is widely used in many fields of national economy because of its excellent performance. The products are applied in light industry, chemical industry, electronics, textile, medical, construction, building materials, automobile, national defense, aerospace, aviation and so on.

1.PU soft foam Flexible PU

Polyurethane soft foam is a very ideal material for cushion material, such as seat, sofa, mattress, etc. cushion material is also the largest amount of soft foam application field.

The sound absorbing material, the open hole polyurethane soft foam, has good sound absorption and shock absorption function, and can be used as an indoor sound insulation material.

Fabric composite materials shoulder pads, bra sponges, cosmetic cotton, toys.

2.PU hard bubble Rigid PU

Polyurethane rigid foam is the most ideal insulation material for refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, refrigeration trucks, etc.

Thermal insulation of industrial equipment, such as storage tanks, pipes and so on;

Building materials - in developed countries in Europe and America, building polyurethane rigid bubbles account for about 70% of the total consumption of hard bubbles, more than double the amount of hard bubbles such as refrigerators and freezers. In China, the application of hard bubbles in the construction industry is not as common as that of western developed countries, so the potential for development is very large.

Transportation industry, such as car roof, interior trim (steering wheel, dashboard), etc.

Imitation wood - high density (density 300~700kg/m3) polyurethane rigid foam or glass fiber reinforced hard foam is structural foam plastic, also known as wood like, with high strength, good toughness, compact and tough crust, simple molding process, high production efficiency, strength can be higher than natural wood, density can be lower than natural wood, can be replaced. The generation of wood is used for all kinds of high-grade products.

Potting materials such as waterproofing grouting materials, plugging materials, roofing waterproof materials;

Flower industry - PU flower pot, flower slime and so on.

3.PU semi hard bubble Semi-rigid PU

Energy absorption foam body - energy absorption foam has excellent damping and buffering performance, good performance of resisting compression load and deformation recovery. The most typical application is to make car bumper.

Integral Skin Foam is used to prepare softening internal functional parts and interior decorations such as steering wheel, handrail and headrest. Self skin foam products are usually processed by Reaction InjectionMoulding (RIM).

The most typical application of microporous elastomers, polyurethane microporous elastomers, is in the shoe making industry.

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