Barcode Scanner

  • QX-9700 CCD 1D Image Barcode Scanner
  • QX-9700 CCD 1D Image Barcode Scanner
  • QX-9700 CCD 1D Image Barcode Scanner
QX-9700 CCD 1D Image Barcode ScannerQX-9700 CCD 1D Image Barcode ScannerQX-9700 CCD 1D Image Barcode Scanner

QX-9700 CCD 1D Image Barcode Scanner

  • Product description: Linear CCD Sensor

Product Name: QX-9700 CCD 1D Image Barcode Scanner

Electrical Characteristics

Interface                           RS232             KB                USB

Supply Voltage                  DC+5V±5%

Output Voltage (Typ.)        ±9V           +5V±5%           +5V±5%

Output low Voltage (Max.)                        0.7V

Current Draw                                         ± 10%

Power On (Typ.)              170mA           170mA            170mA

Stand by (Typ.)               50mA             50mA            50mA

Operation (Typ.)           150mA           150mA            150mA


Light Source                 Visible Red light 632nm LED

Sensor                      Linear CCD Sensor

Processor Type               ARM Cortex™-M3, 32-bit

Operating Freq.              8 MHz (Internal)

Scan Rate                   Smart detect up to 500 scans/second

Reading Distance            500mm@20mil/0.5mm, PCS90%

Print Contrast Ratio           PCS45%@4mil/0.1mm

Resolution                   4mil/0.1mm@PCS90%

Reading Angle                Test Conditions : Code 39, 10mil/0.25mm,PCS90%

Pitch Angle                   5°~60° (±5°)

Skew Tolerance               5°~60° (±5°)

Ambient Light                10,000 Lux Max


Operating Temperature            0 oC to 50 oC (32 oF to 122 oF)

Storage Temperature              -20 oC to 70 oC (-4 oF to 158 oF)

Relative Humidity                 20% to 95% (Non-condensing)

Readable Symbologies

Readable         Default Enable

All UPC/EAN/JAN                      V                V

EAN128 Code                           V

Code 39                                  V                V

Code 39 Full ASCII                  V

Code32 / Italian Pharmacy        V

Code 128                                V                 V

CODABAR/NW7                       V                 V

Interleave 25                          V                 V

Industrial 25                            V

Matrix 25                                V

MSI/PLESSEY                          V

Telepen                                  V

Code 93                                 V

Code 11                                 V

China Postage                        V

Code 26                                V

LCD25                                  V

GS1 DataBar                         V

GS1 DataBar Stacked             V

Decoder Data Output Connector

Type                 FPC 12pin Pitch 0.5

Pin No.               Function

1                                                          TG

2                                                          AIM WAKEUP(Reserved)

3                                                          GREEN LED

4                                                          BZ

5                                                          POWER DOWN(Reserved)

6                                                          RTS

7                                                          CTS

8                                                          TXD

9                                                          RXD

10                                                       GND

11                                                       VCC

12                   Reserved

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